• Contacting YPS

The congregation has neither an office nor a secretary nor do we have a telephone that we answer on a regular basis. All mail including remittance checks should be sent to our postal mailbox.

P.O. Box 8141
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217

For questions related to membership or other synagogue business matters contact either our Chairman of the Board,  Marshall Hershberg:


or the congregation’s president:  Rebecca Spiegel


To sponsor a Kiddush, please contact Rebecca Spiegel


in order to book the social hall and to arrange your event.

If you are interested in doing a haftorah, reading a part of the parshah or are interested in an aliyah, contact our gabbai, Allen Spiegel,

rebecca.spiegel1@verizon.net (attention Allen)

If you would like to deliver a dvar torah on a Shabbat morning, please get in touch with Frank Sadofksy: